We are a British Company of Investment Specialists based here in Moscow. The 2 British Partners have a combined industry experience of over 50 years providing solid advice to their clients both here in Russia, the UK and Worldwide.

At Royal Crown, we are best placed to combine an approach of traditional British values and service along with modern and innovative products and services.

Yes, of course we offer all the basic products you might have come to expect from the other British Companies here in Moscow (and I’m sure you are being  constantly targeted by them) offering a ‘one size fits all’ regular savings plan, for such things as children education fee’s or pension planning etc, etc, etc.

Whilst these products have their place, at Royal Crown we believe that the market has since moved on and there are smarter ways of achieving your financial goals.

Obviously as the political and financial world becomes more and more volatile (for example with the current round of Sanctions imposed on and by Russia) it is normal for you as an investor to worry and feel vulnerable.

Therefore it is increasingly more important that you speak with one of our specialist to discuss your concerns and requirements and allow us to find a solution to help either create wealth or even more importantly to secure wealth you have already gained.

Our Services

Property Investments

Property investments

Here at Royal Crown Investments we have a diverse portfolio of commercial, Industrial and residential, properties bring good R.O.I and high annual yields. Many are unique to us and cannot be sort through any other Investment house in Russia. We can start with a small unit of investment with no upper limit, please contact us to discuss this and your requirements.
Pension Planning

Pension planning

Your future financial success is based on good and well thought out investment planning, the younger you start the easier it becomes, we work with Internationally recognised partners Investing in solid global businesses giving good returns based on your portfolio plan of which we can help you with.
Tailored Solutions

Tailored solutions

The World of offshore or overseas Investments can be a difficult place to understand, here at Royal Crown Investments we bring a wealth of experience to the table to design build and complete the perfect Investment package to fit in with your busy and demanding life style, tailored solutions include diverse mix portfolio allowing you high returns based on your needs.
Structured Notes

Structured notes

We here at Royal Crown Investments have a unique access to the markets and its brokers we can design a bespoke Note to fit your requirements based on your needs, please discuss with one of our partners your requirements, whether that be high return and risk or guaranteed return.